Analyze your customer's sentiment ... Automatically

Our Sentiment analysis is a tool that analyzes texts for polarity, from positive to negative, by training machine learning tools with examples of emotions in text. It was explicitly developed for Bahasa Indonesia but also supports the English language as well.

Using the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and machine learning capability, our tool will assess the sentiment of a text as a whole with positive, negative, or neutral values. It can be sourced from any content, such as social media, email, webchat, and voice interaction.

Sentiment analysis results:

  1. Positive: All work’s okay, superb!
  2. Neutral: Good job, but can be improved
  3. Negative: Totally dissatisfied with service

Improve Your Customer Service

One of the benefits of sentiment analysis is tracking the critical messages from customers’ opinions and thoughts about your product / your brand. Sentiment analysis with Bahasa Indonesia capability helps the customer service department be aware of any related issues or problems.

As the method allows the organizations to understand their customers better, sentiment analysis provides a clear picture of the problems and persuades the organization to look for a solution.

Plus, by having a quick sentiment analysis detection over unfavorable customer remarks, the organization can act swiftly by investigating the root cause and providing the customer service department with an effective resolution.

Improve Media Perception

Another benefit of Sentiment Analysis is to track the understanding of the journalists, writers, media researchers, or independent contributors towards your product / your brand. This is crucial as any misinterpretation, or negative connotation can lead to negative key messages which form an undesirable perception.

Knowing who writes what is historically and what their interest is, and how critical it is to help the media relations department give them appealing content.

Increasing Sales Revenue

Our Sentiment analysis, with Bahasa Indonesia capability, captures the customers’ impressions and moods, which is a great way to improve your sales profits!

As negative vital messages are found, and the marketing team works their magic to solve the problems and optimize the product quality, organizations can estimate a higher monetary return.

You can achieve higher sales profit by using sentiment analysis to improve your products and services. In addition, customers feel that they are being heard and their needs are taken care of, thus improving a company’s image as well

sentiment analysis bahasa indonesia

Easy to Use & Flexible Deployment

Selindo’s Sentiment Analysis will complete your existing application with enhanced capability to process Bahasa Indonesia content. You don’t have to create or train your system from scratch.

Get insights from text data quickly and easily by just integrating your application with our Sentiment Analysis. You can deploy it on your premise or in our cloud at your convenience

Only if you care about your customer satisfaction or your brand reputation!

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