Create exceptional customer experience

When the time comes to seek support, customers reach out to brands across a variety of channels. Whether through a traditional phone call, a live chat, or a Facebook message, consumers can engage with you in more ways than ever. And now, digital channels are at the forefront of customer choices.

Mendawai allows your contact center to connect with customers on any communication channel like voice call, video call, live chat, SMS, text messaging, mobile apps, social media, and more. Provide customer service on any channel and seamlessly switch among any digital channels during an interaction, while maintaining context and relevant information across all channels as if it were a single conversation. Build a strong relationship with your customers via Social Media, Email, Phone, and more in one Contact Center application.

Improve Your Customer Engagement

Websites and mobile apps are major drivers of business revenue and brand visibility. Brands that create easy and engaging digital experiences can reap the rewards. But delivering seamless digital experiences is a challenge — especially without the right tools and processes.

With Mendawai, you can have a quick response to customers’ questions and complaints from emails, social media mentions, hashtags, comments, etc. all in one place.


  • Internet video call
  • Social Media Channel
  • Whatsapp Business
  • Customer Journey
  • Ticketing System

digital contact center mendawai

Mendawai, Real Omnichannel Platform

Manage all your Contact Centre contact channels consistently from a single unified Dashboard, whether telephone, email, SMS, chat, WhatsApp, or social media channel. Screen pop-ups show agents all the relevant information about the customer​.

Contact Center Manager can gather real-time statistic information to obtain successful Contact Center by maintaining some KPI such as:

  • Queues
  • Service level
  • Abandon rate
  • Average Handling Time
  • Agent position​